30 years of experience

The knowledge that we have gained during this time allows us to offer our Customers footwear that meets their expectations concerning convenience, comfort, and quality. Our history and constant, successful development provide the best recommendation ensuring certainty and the stability of cooperation.

Design is an art

In order to fulfill the expectations of our customers, we employ a trained staff of designers, manufacturers, and technologists, whose work and skills greatly influence the quality and comfort of our footwear.


In the beginning Marco Shoes chose the philosophy focused on the manufacturing of good shoes with use of state-of-the-art technology and the establishment of a friendly working environment for its team.

Today we can certainly say that these dreams have come true thanks to our hard work and persistency.

Marco Shoes is a family-owned business, thus relations are very important to us. Respect and trust in our team make successive generations of our employees’ families decide to work in our plants. It confirms our conviction that our values are right.


The founder of Marco Shoes dreamed about using state-of-the-art technology in footwear manufacturing, as well as about acquiring a good technological park. We have been consequently pursuing this goal for over 25 years, continuously enhancing the applied devices and tools. Our machines are high-end devices, mainly imported from Italy.


A common denominator of all our shoes is the natural leather and lining used for their production. For our customers we can prepare a complex footwear design, its structure and production. Our offer includes:

High boots

In the manufacturing of high boots, we rely on solid finishing, natural leather and practicality with use of rubber or stretch elements. We may offer leather or padded linings in several types.


Perfect sandals combine comfort and stylish look. Therefore we offer shoes that are not only light and comfortable, but also made from natural lining, which is important on the hot days.


One of the most elegant and yet universal types of women’s shoes. We want to break the stereotype that pumps must be uncomfortable, that is why our models are classic and comfortable to wear.

ballet flats

Timeless and graceful shoes distinguished by high comfort of wearing. That is why we manufacture ballet flats that are mainly soft and comfortable.


They are perfect as transitional footwear. While manufacturing them, we pay most attention to the applied leather and components that enable us to keep their durability for as long as possible.


Our sneakers combine street fashion with natural leather. We make every effort so that this footwear is mainly very comfortable and light. At the same time we care about its fashionable look.


Natural, inhomogeneous, almost living, perfectly adapting to every foot… This is leather, actually – the most important component for the Marco Shoes footwear production. This is something that brings our product together.

Today customers have very high expectations for the purchased products, so we must have very high requirements concerning the leather we use. Our footwear is made only of natural leather. We obtain materials from well-tried suppliers from Poland and Italy. While caring about perfect manufacturing, we pay great attention to the leather quality control, carefully selecting its every piece.


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